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A bit of history to reposition oneself ...

The British and the Dutch have already been in Asia for some time trading with Asia: the British company was founded in 1600 and the VOC in 1602 (Dutch East Indian company) to trade in spices,  exploitation of Asia's wealth, and the dominance of trade flows.
Under the reign of Louis XIV, the French company for the East Indian trade was created in 1664 by Jean Baptiste COLBERT in LORIENT (department of Morbihan in France) and disappeared in 1795, more than a century after its creation after a war of wear with the dutch and a frontal shock in India with the English.


Welcome to our virtual store but very real ... Antiques from St Louis to L'Orient : antique dealer, flea market and art .

Living in Brittany near Lorient and in the perimeter of this historic French counter of the East India French Company, it seemed natural and obvious to be interested in ancient objects, their history and History in general, and to want them be valued by trading them in the 21st century again.

By a happy coincidence of life, when everything was questioned on a professional level, and nothing worked. The ancient objects, the antiquities were a way to get back in the saddle and to find a renewed taste to bring this we know how to do ... to trade by recycling and sublimating old objects and antiques. Find what will make you want to buy our customers or our future customers ... it's a real challenge and it's exciting to look for what will make them crack ... And this job is super current as far as the flea market is one of the most beautiful ecological professions by recycling objects and reducing the consumption of fossil resources in particular.

Working with ancient objects requires respect and attention because humans have shaped and given the best of themselves, often being outstanding artists. Flea markets or antique salons are also one of the last places of real exchanges and intergenerational sharing, whatever its environment or its origins ...


You will find objects unearthed and picked, chosen for you ... others like furniture have been revisited: making and creating are a part invented for you.



We are only smugglers of objects. We have done our utmost to give you joy and happiness in what you will see ... now it's up to you. Enjoy, make fun, it will be the best gift for us.




In memory of beautiful things, so is our shop that wants yours.




Philosophy in Latin of the French company for the trade of the oriental indes: Florebo Quocumque Ferar, either in French: I will bloom where I will be carried.